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Sorghum broom factory Đurčiansky - Family tradition expands into broom business

Sorghum broom factory Đurčiansky was founded 20 years ago in the town of Selenca in the Republic of Serbia as a family craft store. Today, after twenty years of experience in Broom manufacturing we offer over 10 basic models of brooms, with the possibility of arbitrary variations depending on the needs and desires of the client.

View Sorghum Brooms Factory Durciansky Serbia, over 50 000 brooms items per month, in a larger map.

Export of sorghum brooms to the European Union and the Russian Federation

Our brooms are distinguished from the products of other companies in the region by their quality and by the price. This statement is confirmed by the fact that we export our products in almost every country of the European Union. The nearest border of the European Union is 75km away from our company headquarters. Our sorghum brooms can be found in Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Ukraine and Russia. We are one of the leading exporters of sorghum broom on Balkan.

Sorghum Brooms

Capacity of our sorghum broom factory

Sorghum broom factory Đurčiansky is capable of producing 2500 sorghum broom products daily and 50000 products on monthly basis. We use sorghum grown from the fields of Vojvodina. It’s the best quality sorghum in Balkan and one of three top quality sorghums in the world.

Quality control of sorghum and brooms

All the production and manufacture of sorghum brooms is monitored by our technical staff to ensure top quality of sorghum plants and we also oversee the production of the brooms to bring our customers the quality they expect. Each broom goes through the hands of our technical staff, to avoid any decrease in the quality of finished products. Our sorghum brooms are all handmade products of our craftsmen and each one is a small masterpiece.

Sorghum broom eco-friendly product

The materials used to produce sorghum brooms are all biodegradable and do not pollute the environment which means that the product itself can also be considered an eco-friendly product. Our sorghum brooms can be fully recycled by detaching the wooden shaft from the broom top and then unwinding the metal wire and the plastic cord. Wooden handle and the broom top can be used as compost or biomass, while the metal wire and plastic tape can be recycled in proper recycling plants.